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Naked Eye works with organisations that are passionate about understanding their customers. We bring the world of the customer right into the heart of the boardroom. We use ethnography and filmmaking to show you the way people live and what influences their choices. We believe doing this is more emotive than verbal claims and has the ability to cross boundaries.

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We’ve produced over 1000 ethnographic stories and insights across the world.

Behavioural Insights

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Behavioural Insight

“The insights we’ve gained from Naked Eye has fundamentally changed the way we market our product. They will add approximately £6m to my sales over the next 12 months.”

— Pharmaceutical Brand Manager

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Internal Communications

“Naked Eye's work literally took clinicians and commissioners into the world and lives of the population. This resulted in fundamental changes in communication styles and access channels to services.”

— NHS, Director

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Marketing Campaigns

“The outputs delivered by Naked Eye were outstanding. They have made significant in-roads in delivering on our core brand strategy. We have been able to bring these consumers to life to both internal and external stakeholders and drive behaviour change.”

— GSK, Marketing Director

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Cultural and behavioural insights across 5 continents and in over 20 countries.



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We live in the same building as creative agency VCCP, our sister company.

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