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Naked Eye is a team of ethnographic researchers and virtual reality filmmakers. We use video to show you what people are doing, thinking and feeling, and VR to transport you to their world. We specialise in uncovering insights in established and emerging markets for the healthcare, technology and consumer industries.

Naked Eye was founded in 2003 by Nick Leon. London-based, we work out of the same building as our sister company, creative agency VCCP.

Case Studies

Understanding people isn’t easy. It’s why we spend time observing what people do and how they do it. We listen hard to what they say and try to understand what they really mean. We use ethnography to reveal behaviour, and virtual reality to immerse you in their world. We use this expertise to uncover big, revealing truths. Ones that are relevant and meaningful to the people you’re trying to reach. Have a look at our case studies:

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Client: McKinsey&Company
Client: Johnson&Johnson
Client: abbvie
Client: AstraZenica
Client: Microsoft
Client: AutoTrader
Client: Astellas
Client: BlackBerry
Client: amazon
Client: MARS
Client: nesta
Client: JRF
Client: NHS
Client: NEW ERA
Client: Roche
Client: gsk
Client: Unilever
Client: 02
Client: vodafone
Client: Food Standards Agency
Client: Cancer Research UK
Client: Department of Health
Client: Pearson


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Big thanks to ESOMAR for the invitation to speak at their Congress event in Berlin 23-26 September 2018.

Naked Eye is exploring the challenges for families looking after seniors in households across the UK to create new product and service propositions


The false exit

Columbo, the master of the false exit, can teach ethnographers a few things on how to get a reveal. I’m sure you remember him. Crumpled raincoat. Unshaven. He looked like he’d slept in his clothes for a week. Lieutenant Columbo — played by …

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